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At Coulisse d'Or, we offer diamond appraisals with your diamond purchase. Having your jewelery properly and professionally appraised is important in order to know its current value, especially with increasing gold and diamond prices. In most cases, appraisals are done for insurance purposes. It's important to ensure that your jewelery is properly valued in your insurance policy in order to get the right amount of coverage and to ensure you're not overpaying.

Ring Cleaning & Inspection

Having your ring professionally cleaned is a necessity to maintain the condition. In addition to general cleaning, we also provide professional polishing, along with checking your claws and stones.

Jewelry Repairs

A regular cleaning and inspection is one of the best things you can do for your jewelery. Not only does it keep your jewelery looking great, it gives your jeweler a chance to look for problems like bent clasps and loose prongs before the jewelery breaks. We can do ring sizings, new shanks, chain and bracelet soldering, clasp repairs, stone setting and claw re-tipping, and full re-conditioning of your cherished pieces.

Custom Jewelery

Create your own original piece with expert advice. Our custom design services allows you to create a pendant, engagement ring, wedding or anniversary band, or other unique pieces.

Re-styling & Re-designing

Give new life to your old treasure. We can make a new piece using your old jewelery.

Watch Repairs

We'll change your watch battery while you wait, make clasp adjustments or repair a broken strap. Other minor repairs also available.

Laser Welding

Laser welding allows precious metals and many other alloys to be joined together without the use of solder or torches. Laser welds are strong even in areas which are difficult to access with traditional joining technologies. In general, if you can see the joint - it can be laser welded. Laser welders have become a must-have tool for jewelers doing repairs, as well as helping with designs that would not have been easily produced prior to this technology.


Purchase of Old Gold

Get the most for your old jewelery! Do you have old or broken gold jewelery or diamonds lying around? Bring it in to Coulisse d'Or for an evaluation and receive cash or trade it for something new.


Financing & Layaways

Our layaway plan allows you to make economical monthly payments up to a year in order to purchase an engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelery. Gift certificates and other financing options are also available.

Your Diamond Education

Each diamond is distinguished by its shape, cut, colour, carat and clarity. Our diamond education centre will help you choose the perfect diamond for your unique style.



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